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Killer : a "must see live" Belgian Heavy Metal band.

Killer produced 2 superb CD's : "Broken Silence" and "Immortal" and

classic Heavy Metal albums like "Ready for Hell", "Wall of Sound" and "Shockwaves"

Current line up :

Shorty : guitars, lead vocals

Jakke : bass gitar, backing and lead vocal

Vanne : drules and backing vocal

Killer_meets_Dio.jpg (32491 bytes)

Killer meets with Ronnie James Dio

Killer_with_Doro.jpg (62665 bytes)

Killer live on stage with Doro


Pioneers of  Black Metal.

Currnetly working on a new album.

Graspop 2006 011screencompr01cut.jpg (468398 bytes)  GMM 2006


Fire Force

Posibly the hardest working Belgian metal band.

New CD to be released soon.






David Ronaldo and the Dice :                                                                     a tribute to the guitar heroes of classic rock.

Do you like the Stones, Black Crowes, Hendrix, Tom Petty and co ? Check out  David Ronaldo and the Dice live.



Park Rock Mechelen 2012


Harley Davidson Meeting Retie : possibly the most pleasant and relaxed  "Harley's  only"  meeting of Europe. 

Marec is there.

Bouldou_and_ the_Sticky_Fingers_01.jpg (886675 bytes)  Audience2006_047.jpg (821648 bytes)

Bouldou and the Sticky Fingers

Highlanders2006_055.jpg (923240 bytes)Highlanders

Strange_man_doing_strange_things2006_077.jpg (1023979 bytes) Strange man doing strange things

Predatür2006_089.jpg (87954 bytes)    Predatür2006_094.jpg (91529 bytes)  Predatür

Man at work



Heracles MC Retie. 

Wintermeeting, Summermeeting. 

Come rain, come snow, come sunshine or storm : Marec will always be there.

Surprise visit summer meeting 2007

Double-X 2007

Unicycle029.jpg (762176 bytes)Unicycle 2006 

Scarred Mind 2007

Mad Cows (NL)




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